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Mail Alert is an award-wining e-mail alert add-in for Microsoft Outlook
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12 April 2010

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This software tool lets you know when a mail has arrived along with some essential information about the mail.

Mail alert lets you set up alerts for incoming mails. You can customize the alerts, if it will play a sound, how long the alerts will remain on etc. Unlike the Outlook alert, which alerts you on every mail coming into inbox, you can set alerts for mails that go into specific folders based on rules set up. You do not get too many alerts, nor does the important ones get lost in the clutter. You can mute off the alerts entirely too. If a piece of mail is already read or has been deleted, the alert will recognize that and will go off, even when the alert duration may not have been over. The look and feel of the alerts in the system tray notification area also can be customized by the user. Full control is available over the color, font, glass effect and transparency of the alert windows.

That this looks like a lot of convenience and a lowering of hassles is kind of borne out in actual usage. You will not need to switch to Outlook every so often to make sure you do not miss an important mail. Many of the actions are directly available through the alerts themselves. Particularly, really important mails can draw your attention through alerts- set for them through the Outlook rules. The alert muting can be a boon when you are working on something important. The message in the alert could be in any of several different languages. This is really a good tool to have around.

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Mail Alert is an award-wining e-mail alert add-in for Microsoft Outlook (2000-2010).
Reclaim Your Productivity
E-mail slowing you down? Try Mail Alert.
Mail Alert was designed with your productivity in mind. That's why we've made it easier for you to simply get your work done without the hassle of switching to your e-mail client every time you receive new mail.
When new e-mail arrives, Mail Alert will display a non-intrusive desktop alert containing essential information from the e-mail received. Now you can avoid the constant shuffle between work and e-mail, thus boosting your productivity. Mail Alert can also alert you to an incoming e-mail by playing a sound, running a program or displaying an icon in the notification area (system tray).
Want to reply to the incoming e-mail? No need to stop working and switch to your e-mail application; Mail Alert provides the most common actions directly from the desktop alert.
Running a presentation or just need e-mail silence? Try the mute feature.
Take Back Control
With Mail Alert, you control how and when alerts are performed.
You can choose how many alerts are shown at once, and how long before each alert is dismissed. You also have the option of selecting desktop alerts for all incoming e-mail or only for those delivered to folders you specify, unlike in Microsoft Outlook which only allows desktop alerts for your Inbox. Mail Alert also works in conjunction with Outlook rules, giving you, the user, maximum flexibility.
New in 2.5: Tired of having alerts hang around for e-mails you've already read or deleted? Try the new intelligent automatic dismissal feature.
Mail Alert fits your personal style by giving you full control over the color, font, glass effect and transparency of the alert windows.
Mail Alert currently supports many languages and can also be translated into the language of your choice.
Mail Alert
Mail Alert
Version 2.5
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